Magnetic bolts: make your blade changes easier

I got this this morning from Mark Ritchot, inside sales at ICE Marketing & Consulting in Winnipeg. I thought you’d like to see them, and maybe put in your order.


Magna-Bolts make blade changing easy, and a safer way of loading the bolts into the blade for mounting on the conditioner.

Magna Bolts


The bolts are magnetic. So they will stick to the blade, making the blade change so much easier – and safer



Ritchot says they come in a pack of ten and are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

“Because they hold themselves in place, it’s a safer way to load the bolts into the blade for mounting on the conditioner,” he says. Richtot says it’s a brand new addition to their line of recreation products. They’ve been waiting to come in for a couple of months. As usual, supply chain issues delayed their arrival, but now they’re in stock.


Give Mark or Sandy a call at 1-800-851-5846 and get your order in now! Or check out their web page and learn more here.